GreezePop Debloated Lollipop 5.1.1 For LG V10 H901 Stable

GreezePop Google Lollipop 5.1.1 Debloated For LG V10 H901 3Minit Stable Fast Fix All Issues:


Screen Shots:

Home ScreenDropdownLockscreen1Lockscreen2

Lg G4 Tweak box Settings:

Theme Tweaks:

1. Tinted Bars / Fantastic Navi Bar (Complete Apps, except LG’s)



* Enable Tinted Bars MOD - (On - Slider is to the right)
* Link status and Navigation bar color
* Force navigation bar color linking
*Note - The Rest will be completed in the Xstana App

2. Status Bar Guide:



* Enable Status Bar mod - (On - Slider is to the right)
* Clock Position Center
* Clock Color - FF16FF00
* Clock Style
* xxx xx:xx (First Choice Under Stock)
* Carrier Text Visibility
* Hide Carrier Text
*Note - The rest will be completed in the Xstana App and 3Minit Battery Settings App


3. Notifications Panel Setting:



* Enable Panel Mod - (On - Slider is to the right)
* Transparency - 75%
* Background Colors
* Notifications Panel 
*color: 26D5C7CA
* Upper Panel 
*color: 26D5C7CA
*Element Colors
* Brightness slider color
*color: FF0001FF
* Volume slider color
*color: FF0001FF
* Hide Volume Slider
* ClearAll button color
* color: FF0001FF


4. Easy Quick Settings Panel



* Toggle Icon color
* Enable Material Button Checked
* color: FF0001FF


5. Recent Apps

Recent Apps


* Hide elements
* Hide Buttons Checked
* Enable Material Button
* Enable Material Button Checked
* color: FFDB1B2A


6. Miscellaneous Tweaks

4 Way Reboot4 way reboot cont


* Enable 4 Way Reboot
* More Items in Power Menu
* Disable the Power Menu when locked


Xstana Navigation bar and Status Bar Mods:

1. Xstana

3 Minit Battery Control And Settings:

1. 3Minit

That is my first try at baking a ROM. Many thanks to @Rydah805 and @siraltus for letting me use his Deodexed base. Ensure you thank him additionally! I been messing around with Android for goodbye now, I feel it is time to check out and put some thing in the market. I’m nonetheless studying, nonetheless inquiring for plenty of help and people names can be in the Thanks section on the backside. It might be unattainable to do with out the high-quality aid of the men and women on XDA. This can be the final replace as good so long as it is steady, but there is also some matters I want to add later that I come throughout. I have a full time job and i am extremely busy, nonetheless, if i have time to replace i will. Please don’t ask for updates. I’m going for stability so this will be a minimalist approach.
Status: Very stable
Features Of Rom:
based off present day legitimate construct H901-10C
Deodexed (About 95%)
SuperSU v2.66 BETA
Busybox 1.24.1
eliminated T-cell spyware (Adapt customer and provider IQ eliminated)
Debloated T-cell apps (except gadget unencumber – the one from the Play retailer will not work with this cell) @siraltus
Debloated Google apps (install the ones you need from the playstore)
Marshmallow boot and shutdown animations
outside Write to SD Card fix
MM Boot up Sound (No T-Jingle Bootup Sound)
No Chrome customizations (Chrome homepage not compelled to t-mobile.Com) @siraltus
removed “recovery-from-boot.P” to restrict stock recovery re-putting in.
WiFi connectivity fixes via @ZDeuce2
signal Enhancements and Wifi connectivity fixes through @ZDeuce2 and @tattedup
3Minit Battery already set up – @gharrington
HTC climate incorporated w/ woking animations (Go to publish #three)
Default Ringtone – See You once more through Whiz Khalifa
further custom Ringtones
note 5 Notification Sounds

This can also be hooked up over inventory ROM (odexed or deodexed) – You have got to manufacturing unit Reset and do a clean wipe coming from one more custom ROM
suitable with Xposed v79-sdk22-arm64 or later. Do not use some other Xposed models. (propose full wipe for premiere results coming from any ROM interval!!)
suitable with P_Toti’s G4TweaksBox.
Suitable with the LG Apps Theme Engine.
Debloated Apps can also be mounted from the Playstore
when you use the paid variant of 3Minit, Use root explorer to do away with the 3MinitSettings folder from /process/app and set up the paid version from the playstore
don’t set up the “second screen fix” ZIP, second screen works high-quality on this ROM with and with out Xposed. The “second reveal fix” is only for odexed ROMs and will smash the second display on this ROM. @siraltus
This ROM eliminates any mods you have got mounted. If you want to reinstall them, they have got to be made for a deodexed stock ROM. Mods for odexed or non-inventory ROMs may intent drive-closes or a bootloop (flash them at your own hazard).
how you can install
1. Copy ZIP file to mobile.
2. Boot into TWRP.
Three. Factory Reset/Wipe recommended! (Required Coming from one more customized ROM)
4. Flash ZIP
four.5 – set up Xposed Zip now if you want Xposed! – download from right here
5. Reboot and enjoy!

** If you need Xposed, install it now (use best v79-sdk22-arm64 or later).
★ Requirments ★
1. Bootloader Unlocked and Rooted – [Guide] learn how to Root LG v10 H901

three. Nandroid Backup – continually do this
4. Read first before doing some thing

★ Latest Download ★

★ OLD Versions ★