Guide How To Unlock Boatloader LG Nexus 5X Official

Full Guide How To Unlock Boatloader LG Nexus 5X Official Flash way:

1)Go into Settings/About device, scroll down and click on on “build number” constantly until you see a toast notification telling you that you’ve got enabled Developer options. Go back to your Settings menu and enter Developer option, scroll down and click on the “enable OEM unlock” checkbox, also ensure you Enable USB Debugging while you are in the Developer options menu.
Power off your cellphone then boot into the bootloader (Power + volume down).
Connect your phone to your computer via usb cable.
Open a command prompt from within your fastboot folder (navigate to the place you will have fastboot.Exe located to your pc, shift + right click on anywhere within that folder, choose open command Prompt right here).
Check your fastboot connection by way of issuing this command:

  • Code:
    fastboot devices

    It should return your device serial number, if not you need to make sure your drivers are installed correctly.

  • Once you’ve confirmed your fastboot connection issue this command:
    fastboot oem unlock

This will erase all user data from the device!
You must now see a screen for your mobile phone asking you to verify this action, use the volume keys to scroll and the power key to confirm if you are make sure you have to go ahead.
Allow the process to complete and then issue this command:

  • Code:
    fastboot reboot
  • Allow everything to go ahead and once finished you can disconnect your usb cable.


do not relock your bootloader untill your phone is totally stock. You have got to flash the factory images first as remove root and custom recovery (if in case you have them), if this precaution isn’t taken you may end up with a brick