How to Fix LG Leon Bad Mic Quality Headset Volume

Guide How to Fix LG Leon Bad Mic Quality Headset Volume And Panorama + Multithread:


The best way to do it?
– You Needt to be rooted
– download attached file AUDIOVIDEOFIX.Zip and unzip it
– Use root explorer or another file explorer that supports root and atmosphere permissions to documents
– Go to /system/and many others and backup the original files before changing them. Which you could copy them to your sdcard.
– Now change those customary 3 .Xml with these you might have downloaded from this thread.
– SET PERMISSIONS of these documents as rw-r–r– (If you don’t do this, the phone might not boot again! bootloop warning)
– re-verify, and be sure that the permissions are right, same as another file in the identical folder, and the whole thing is right
– reboot and completed!

If you are a whatsapp voice messages man like me, smash that microphone icon and ship a voice notice. You will instantly realize the difference!

Digital camera sound first-rate workaround: After making use of this patch, digicam app will record with extra quantity, bitrate and frequency. But noise discount will nonetheless be energetic. To prevent that, after applying this fix, download Open camera from PlayStore and select default audio supply ( should be the third alternative within the list) in audio source, inside of video recording settings. Use that new app to file videos.


The “MULTITHREADFIX” will restrict the process to be SO agressive with historical past methods. Once more utilizing whatsapp as an example, in the event you put it on historical past while listening to some voice notice, and you open different app, the audio may stop due to the fact that of the system being killed with the aid of the method. LG setted up a particularly an excessive amount of aggressive system for OOM. Also, zRam is setted too high on this device (1/2 of physical RAM). That is why I made (because of the aid of @Filip98 here) a repair on init.Lge.Zramswap.Sh located on /approach/and so on

methods to fix?
Section A:
– You have to be rooted
– Go to /process and backup the file “construct.Prop” simply in case of failure
– Now edit the build.Prop beneath /procedure with root explorer OR use construct prop editor from Play retailer
to find these strains:


– Change them to:


– Save the file build.prop
– check that permissions has not changed and that you didn’t mess up any other line in build prop.
– reboot and done!

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