Marshmallow 6.0.1 Cataclysm for LG Nexus 5X Stable Fix All Issues

Install Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Cataclysm On LG Nexus 5X Stable Fix All Issues Smooth:

Everything has been written from scratch, even usual features were perfected and increased.

Nice and stability first, bugfree and bother free, install and omit.

An definitely developed firmware which brings many innovations on the scene.

Cataclysm uses an specified way to carry AOSP facets to stock firmware. Genesis evolution

Cataclysm is 100% Google experience plus other points.

Cataclysm includes not obligatory/configurable Google Apps with AROMA installer.

Cataclysm helps project-Fi/VoLTE/RRO subject matters/Android Pay.

Cataclysm Marshmallow Features:

Swap again with recents
Announce battery charged
Disable fingerprint auth vibration
enable USB data when unlocked
permit led on reveal on
Charging led colour
custom quick settings
speedy PIN unlock
speedy Torch
Flash on notifications
cover BT icon most effective when disconnected
Immersive mode + per-app
Statusbar brightness manipulate
Swap quantity on rotation
customized batteries
Softkeys fade mod
Navbar cursor manipulate
permit information historical past at the same time on battery saver per-app
Battery shop scheduler
wise Timeout
Battery saver and intelligent Radio intents
Wake on notifications + per-app
force headsup
Clear all notifications button on repute bar
exhibit reputation bar clock on keyguard
hide fame bar elements
Disable album arts
protection input priority
Opacity slider for keyguard
Disable LED on prio or None
Disable recents widget
conceal IME switcher
exhibit statusbar clock on lockscreen
Vibrate on far off call pickup/hangup
InCall blocker
don’t ship quantity to unknown
shut dialer after usual hangup
cover multiple lockscreen factors
broaden all notifications
custom headsup timeout
exhibit app optimization on first boot
quantity controls consistently song
Disable QS on comfy lockscreen
fast Settings: speedy Puldown (includes DRAG)
LTE and 3G best network modes
Lockscreen double tap to sleep
NavigationBar swipe to sleep
NavigationBar show left menu
Wider landscape notification panel
LED Customization + per-app
Per-app Lockscreen notifications/drive peeking
Disable key press on security input
customized left/correct lockscreen shortcuts
force exhibit menu
middle clock/disguise clock
Unlink notification volume
smart Radio
Raised volumes steps number
customized lockscreen wallpaper
quantity track manage
volume rocker wake
Clear all recents button
Longpress movements to clock/date
Disable OTA update
Sleep button on repute bar
NFC polling mode/Disable NFC sounds
Lockscreen rotation
AM/PM clock type
Disable DUN required for tethering
allow a hundred and eighty° rotation
Disable low battery warning
Disable wake when (un)plugged
Longpress recents for last assignment
Longpress back to kill non method apps
Resize Navigation Bar
Disable ADB notification
Reboot menu/Disable when secure/Hotreboot

Installation Guide:

– If you’re on stock/cataclysm MMB29P just flash latest mod over, no wipes.
– If you’re on stock/cataclysm but not on MMB29P, just flash latest full Cataclysm, no wipes.
– If you’re on anything else, wipe/factory reset then just flash latest full Cataclysm.

Included kernel has force encryption and dm-verity disabled.

Download Marshmallow Cataclysm Nexus 5x