Marshmallow 6.0.1 Official Omni Rom For LG Nexus 5x

Official Omni Marshmallow 6.0.1 Rom For LG Nexus 5x Nightlies And Delta Updater Stable And Fast:

* Your Warranty is now void.
* i am not accountable for bricked contraptions, useless SD cards,
* thermonuclear battle, otherwise you getting fired on account that the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research you probably have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* earlier than flashing it! You’re deciding upon to make these adjustments, and if
* you factor the finger at me for messing up your device, i’ll chuckle at you. Hard. Rather a lot.

What Is Omni rom and its features?


OmniROM Gerrit Review

OmniROM JIRA Bug Tracker
Temporary and Incomplete elements record
Statusbar Brightness manage (slide finger throughout statusbar to manipulate brightness)
Double-tap Statusbar to turn off screen
Configurable statusbar icons
network traffic statusbar indicators
custom notification header photo with header image packs
customizable quick settings
Voice aid or Dialer lockscreen toggle
Lockscreen Wallpaper
Toggle Search Bar in Recents
Fullscreen Recents
climate offerings
weather Icons in Notification Header
Expands to show full forecast
Customizable units
custom vicinity
Full UI darkish Mode
Ambient show
volume Button Wake
in shape volume button actions headquartered on rotation
Toggle OmniSwitch substitute for Recents
efficiency manipulate
SuperSU in Settings (removed from App Drawer)
OpenDelta OTA Nightly Updater
All points from stock Android shipped on Nexus gadgets
Any distinctive gadget hardware features and functions
Omni boot animation
Omni default wallpaper
far more that i’ve forgotten

Omni only supports TWRP recovery, use any alternate recovery at your own risk.

Use @savoca’s Color Calibration app here for KCAL:

Tips And Guide How To Install:

substitute AOSP (built-in) Dialer with Play retailer Dialer
Use Titanium Backup or go to Settings -> Apps -> exhibit procedure and disable the stock dialer
install Google Dialer from the Play store
Go to Settings -> Apps and press the cog wheel within the higher right corner
You should become aware of that there is not currently a default phone set, and you’re going to have one alternative
decide on the phone as default
confirm by means of inserting a name to Voicemail (retaining “1”)

Systemless SuperSU (simplest working and supported method of rooting)

  • Download the latest (2.66 at time of writing)
  • Flash in recovery
  • Copy to /sdcard/OpenDelta/FlashAfterUpdate
    • Moving the file here ensures that SuperSU is flashed after each nightly update. The su binary is removed when flashing a nightly. Copying the file here will ensure that it SuperSU is flashed automatically with each nightly.

Android Pay:
Android Pay shall be working per the 1/21 nightly
presently OpenGapps is damaged, and hence will ruin Android Pay
You have to use Banks or Pure Nexus Gapps

Kernel Source
Nexus 5X [bullhead] Kernel Source

ROM Download: