T-Mobile G4 H811 Stock Firmware KDZ Flashable Zips with OEM Unlock

Stock Firmware 20i Images + KDZ + Flashable Zips with OEM Unlock For T-Mobile G4 H811:

Official stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow 20i records for the T-cell LG G4 H811 variant best. Included under: TWRP-flashable stock rom, boot, modem and bootloader zips. Stock 20i KDZ and person photographs are also integrated.

20i NOTES…
1. *AntiRollback / QFuse V2* safe to downgrade to 10N handiest.
2. Marshmallow bootloader requires bootloader unlock by way of fastboot
You have got to have TWRP 2.Eight.7+ mounted to use these zip records. Due to Dees_Troy as continuously for that. Or you need LGUP hooked up to flash the KDZ in download mode.

How To Install Guide:
You can install stock 20i M with zip files in TWRP Recovery Mode or flashing a KDZ in LGUP or LG Bridge. Due to the new 20i bootloader fastboot oem unlock requirements there is almost no benefit in using one method over the other.. both KDZ or ZIP upgrade methods work. If coming from Lollipop there is no way to retain TWRP or root since the new bootloader has a new unlock method.

How To flash via zip in TWRP:
1. Download The LG-H81120i-Flashable.FULL.zip Copy into internal or external sdcard (external Recomend).
2. (re)Boot into TWRP if not there already.
3.* Backup current partitions: boot, system, data, efs to external sdcard if possible (optional but suggested)
4.* Up to you if you want to wipe data (TWRP > Wipe > Swipe slider) but not needed if coming from a stock rom.
5. Install LG-H81120i-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip (Install > select zip > swipe to confirm/flash)
6. After zip finishes you can reboot into M! (if TWRP asks if you want to install SU, HIT NO!!!)
7. If you want root or TWRP follow the bootloader unlock directions in the next section below.

How To flash via KDZ:
1. Easiest way to flash the KDZ is just using the official LG Bridge tool. You can grab it for Windows or Mac HERE
2. Alternative to LG Bridge is downloading the 20i KDZ yourself from theCodefire directory link further below then following the LGUP thread HERE for a how-to on KDZ flashing. .
3. If you want root or TWRP follow the bootloader unlock directions in the next section below.

How to Unlock Bootloader OEM And Root:
Starting with the Android 6.0 20i bootloader it has to be unlocked, sorta like a Nexus, with fastboot. Previously only ‘OEM Unlock’ had to be toggled in Android Developer settings for TWRP or custom boot images to work.

1. Flash stock 20i using zip or KDZ. Boot into Android after upgrade to 20i.
2. Download the twrp- file HERE. This file needs to be on your computer and external sdcard*.
3. Download the latest SuperSu zip (2.67+) from HERE [Thanks to Chainfire] and stick on external sdcard*.
4. Confirm “OEM Unlock” is set to enabled in the hidden Developer Settings.
5. Enable “USB Debugging” in Developer Settings, connect USB cable PC <-> Phone… and send the following 3 commands in command prompt/terminal:

adb reboot bootloader  (phone reboots to bootloader)
fastboot oem unlock (this wipes ALL data!!)
fastboot boot twrp-  (phone boots TWRP)

6. For perm TWRP: In TWRP hit Install > Images… (bottom right corner) > select TWRP.img on ext sdcard > select “recovery” > swipe.
7. If you want root: Hit the Home button > Install > select SuperSU zip on external sdcard > swipe.
8. All done. Reboot into Android. (if TWRP asks if you want to install SU, HIT NO!!!)

*if you do not have an external sdcard to save SuperSU and the TWRP.img onto.. you will need to skip saving the files to sdcard until AFTER you fastboot OEM unlock and boot into TWRP. After fastboot booting TWRP you can use adb push to put SuperSU and TWRP.img onto the internal sdcard to install with TWRP. Or you can use the MTP mount option in TWRP and drag n’ drop the files from the computer to the phone. You cannot store the files on the internal sdcard before he OEM unlock because OEM unlock wipes all you data.

100% stock untouched system, boot, modem and bootloader.

This is a flashable stock 20i modem.

This is a flashable stock 20i boot.img. Boot.img contains kernel + dtb + ramdisk.

It is a flashable stock 20i bootloader. It includes aboot, manufacturing unit, hyp, laf, pmic, raw_resources, rpm, sbl1, sdi, sec and tz. You probably have now not already unlocked the bootloader by way of fastboot on 20i or larger… You’re going to need to run inventory LG M to release before using the M bootloader on CM or AOSP roms.

Also, KDZ + all stock images for 20i are available in the link below…