Download Stock Firmware For LG Revolution VS910 4G VS910ZV8_12

Download Phone VS910ZV8_12 Stock Firmware For LG Revolution VS910 4G Verizon Wireless

LG Revolution VS910 4G Specification

The LG Revolution VS910 have four.Three-inch, 480-by means of-800-pixel capacitive contact reveal is brilliant and vibrant, though it lacks the deep colours of the super AMOLED Plus reveal on the Droid charge. There are 4 haptic suggestions-enabled contact buttons beneath the display, which can be suitably responsive. Typing on the on-screen monitor keyboard used to be a breeze in each landscape and portrait mode. Dialing cell numbers was equally simple.

The LG Revolution is a twin-band EV-DO Rev A (850/1900 MHz) and seven hundred MHz 4G LTE gadget with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. Verizon says to count on down load speeds around 5 to 12 Mbps, and add speeds between 2 and 5 Mbps on its 4G network. The LG Revolution hit these speeds without a hitch, averaging around 12 Mbps down and four Mbps up. That you may additionally use the Revolution as a cell hotspot with the right plan to furnish 4G information entry for up to eight contraptions, or 3G knowledge for up to 5

Voice first-class on the LG Revolution is just traditional. Incoming calls had been clear adequate, however voices had a bent to sound robotic. On the other finish, transmissions had a contact of robotic drone to them, and noise cancellation was once negative. I was competent to hear the sound of passing cars that did not look audible whilst making the call within the first place. The speakerphone is a lot loud for out of doors use, but voices sound gritty and cruel.



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